5th at Swiss Nationals 

Rain, mud and cold temperatures dominated the day of the swiss championships in Dagmersellen. Dagmersellen is one of my favorite races and counts as my home-race. A lot of friends from my neighborhood come to watch the race.

In relation to this situation I was very nervous already a couple  of days before the competition. I felt the pressure to show again what I showed in the passed races.

I felt so relieved when I startet to prepare for the race on the raceplace. I started from the front row but didn’t feel strong when the whistle went off. A couple of riders passed me, however I didn’t get worked up and tried to hold my pace to save my energy as good as I could for the upcoming situations of the race. I tried also to race a smart race from the beginning. During the race dirt got into the eyes and more than once the sight was literally blocked from the mud. Sometimes I started to think: ok, that was my last sunlight for ever and I’m going to get blind.  After half of the race many of the riders got tired and had more and more problems in the technical sections and didn’t feel fresh enough in the long uphills. For me that ment to put in my saved power and it was worth it! I was able to drop riders who were riding stronger than me all season long. I was riding on fifth place for the rest of the race and was able to bring it home till the finish line. I felt happy, but I couldn’t tell it anybody because my mouth was frozen. Also my fingers were frozen and had zero control over them. It was time to drink a hot tea and have an even hotter shower.

My hope to be nominated for the world championships this season in Zolder Belgium is still here.

The worldcup in France is up next weekend.


Photos: Elisa Haumesser, Claudia Wildhaber-Christen

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