The moment when you beat Francis Mourey at a CX Race – 3rd place in Pfaffnau UCI C2

The Cyclingclub VC Pfaffnau-Roggliswil where I started my velo career was the organizer of the first international Crossrace in Pfaffnau, SUI. A lot of people from my own neighborhood were interested in the race. They wanted to see the guy racing of whom everybody was talking about. About 3000 people wanted to see me, which didn’t make it easy to show my best.
I handled the race like I do it with every other race. First pre-ride the course, test the tires and decide which one is perfect for the race, catch the number and put on the race-suite. While I was warming up I realized it wasn’t going to be a race as always – the race was made for me. I could feel the rising pressure but it didn’t make me crazy. I just went on.

Starting from the frontrow with Mourey, Haring, Petrus, Cominelli, I knew I had to stay with the first group after the start. Other Names to watch out for were: Flückiger, Vogel, Forster, Rohrbach and Lienhard. It was one of the most tough CX course I have ever rode. A lot of climbing and technical sections. The downhill was very difficult and slippery too, so you could easy loose time, if a rider in front of you crashed or got in trouble on the bike. After three laps of nine there was a front group of five riders. Haring, Vogel, Forster, Mourey and myself. There was always a fight, riders attacked made a little gap and were catched up again. The entire race stayed thrilling until the finishline! Right before the last lap Vogel attacked the leading group and splitted it up. Forster was sitting on second place, me on third. Mourey and Haring together on fourth and fifth. Same situation for the last half lap to go. I fell of the bike at the downhill and lost a little time. I didn’t look back, because I knew Mourey was just behind me and didn’t want to get fourth and neither did I. Still, Mourey closed the gab within 300m to go. There was only one last offroad uphill to the road which took the riders for the last 100m to the finish line. Mourey attacked me hard on the uphill. But I didn’t let him get away and even made it up to the road a half bike length before Mourey. When I felt the grip on the pavement I lit up my engine even more as you can see in the picture. Winning a sprint against a rider like Mourey is quiet amazing. Also to realize that you did your job very well is still kind of a unbelievable story.

Thank you to all people who cheered for me at the racecourse! It was so exciting!


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