Best CX Worldcup result so far

Another Worldcup in the books. My best so far! High over Namur on a historic place called citadel of Namur they build up the annual Worldcup race in Namur. Over 80 riders found the way to this huge event.

The race known as one with the hardest course was a challenge for every rider. The race had a lot to offer:  Elevation, sharp stones, run sections and slippery roads. Mud along the course made it even harder to ride thru it quickly.

Because the course got slim very fast, one again it was necessary to start fast and try to ride in the top 15 position.

From the start up to tge highest point of the course, I was able to ride within the first half of all the riders.I felt good and kept on going to hunt for a better position. From the 47th place I fought hard thru the field into the top 30. I only had one little crash, when I bumped into an other rider on the uphill. But I was quickly back on my bike so I did not lose much time.

With a good performance and a great feeling I finished on a very nice 30th place.

Next race will be in my hometown Pfaffnau on the 26th of December!


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