Winner of the Redbull Velodux

Cyclocross of it’s best! The castel and town of Estavayer Le Lac in Switzerland were the perfect showplace to run the 2nd Redbull Velodux in madison style.

Professional riders from around the world were part of this spectacle. As you know Redbull doesn’t just organize a normal race. No, they always build up an event, which is funny to be part of and entertaining for the crowd. The race was run in a madison mode. It means you start in teams of two, but only one is in the race at a time. The team can change the rider after every lap or after several laps, it’s up to them. For the transition you had to tap your teammate on the back, while standing still in their transition box.

On the track we had to overcome a fightfull ‚le mens‘ start, two slippery mud sections, one big sandpit where simultaneously the transmission zone was, the lundrysection with a couple of washing machines and a wet foambath, long stairs uphill and downhill, a wooden 1/4 pipe, tiny doors, stony barriers, a parallel pumptrack, a big wallride, a burry fir trees labyrinth and a ride thru a bar tent with cinnamon-smelling fog.

All day long we had a lot of fun.

My job was to start on foot and sprint around 200 meters to the transition box to grab my bike between 30 other riders. One big fight, I tell you. The faster the better was the motto to get a clear start on the bike as soon as possible. The track was twisty and narrow all the time. After the first lap we changed as the 8th team with a little deficit. Couple laps later we were part of the three leading teams of the race. Each of those teams changed every lap to bring the fresh rider into the race. Like all the other teams we had trouble as well with the technical track and had little crashes. On the very last lap Nicola, my team mate, made the winning move! At the last possible transition he skipped  the change and rode two laps in a row. Meanwhile the other teams changed their rider, so Nicola could even increase the ten second gap for our team.

He brought the win home 3 seconds ahead of the team Andreassen/Carstensen on 2nd and 10 seconds to Flückiger/Flückiger on 3rd place.

A great event with a happy end and the usual Champaign shower.

Thanks to Redbull for a great event, and POC Sports / POC Switzerland for the great support.


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